Monday, February 15, 2010

the home stretch

All that remains to do on the Auction quilt is the binding. But after piecing and quilting, I'm thinking I need to change the blog name to the crooked quilter or maybe sew not straight. Who knew it could be so difficult to sew a (long) straight seem?
I like the green of the back. The leftover will make a nice skirt.
And even if the quilt goes home with someone else, at least we have this:
I think it's time for some sewing machine maintenance. Right after I make Claire a skirt and sew the lining into Robyn's knitted tote and, and, and...


  1. omg,brilliant! I LOVEEEE how it turned out! bravo, amy

  2. thank you, amy! I'm so relieved that it's nearly done.