Sunday, October 10, 2010

two months

I'm remembering the last post in Alabama and it seems like far longer than two months ago. A new year has begun with its attendant frenzy, and we've now settled into a routine that will last through May. I've yet to set foot into the garden this fall; the summer perennials are so leggy they're about to walk out of their pots (the ones that survived, that is!).

I've been wearing the two sweaters I finally finished. Love them both, but especially the Nantucket Jacket. It's so soft and warm, and the cables are awesome.
The empire waist cardigan is pretty cool, too.
After a morning of football yesterday, I hit three yarn stores looking for a new project, but came home empty-handed. That didn't last long. Now I'm waiting for this pattern and yarn to arrive. It's a chunky yarn knit on really big needles, so I'm hopeful that I'll finish it in time to wear this winter!

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  1. The Nantucket is gorgeous! Does it fit well? Mine seemed a bit too big and chunky, and you're even smaller than me...