Saturday, January 16, 2010

mystery solved!

Last August, after watching Sarah raise chickens for a few months, the kids and I drove to a farm on a Sunday morning and returned with Mrs. Bevo and Wanda.

For five months, I've fed, watered and cared for them while they turned a once-grassy area into a bona fide chicken yard. Every day I checked for eggs. And every day I was just a little disappointed to find nothing but poop. But chickens are goofy, and they kind of grow on you. So, I waited patiently, gave them garden scraps (they LOVE tomatoes) and watched them grow big and beautiful.

Until one crowed. Make that two.
Roosters. Dang, no wonder.

I returned them to Dan this morning (he sells off his truck at Northaven Gardens now, so the drive wasn't nearly as far). He had a truck full of cute, possibly-hen pullets, but I came home empty-handed. We'll fix the drainage in the chicken yard, build a larger coop and then try, try again!


  1. Pam - I found you. Yea for you. Your blog is beautiful! Love it. Can't wait to see what is next. Good luck with it and I love those chickens! I can't believe that raccoons haven't gotten them yet. Be strong Mrs. Bevo and Wanda or Mr.?????? good luck with them as well!

    :) ann