Sunday, December 12, 2010

under construction

I'm trying to be reasonable about what I can actually accomplish between now and Christmas. Two aprons and some baking -- that's it. First up is Amy Butler's short pleated apron, made with some Alexander Henry fabric that I just love. The second is full-length and hasn't even been started yet (hey, I have two weeks).

And these cookies are making awesome gifts. Easy to pull together and good with white or wheat flour (I forgot to use wheat on the second batch). With wheat, the dough can actually be sliced, but with white, it's much more crumbly and needs to be sort of pressed together. I found the cacao nibs at Central Market.

I'm thinking of trying these, too. The combination of caramel, chocolate and salt is hard to resist.

One more week of school and then two slow weeks of sleeping late, going to the park and knitting!


  1. Thanks for dropping by-- I love your blog! Hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas, and best wishes for the new year!

  2. I made the salty caramel cookies last night. They are so easy and quite delicious. I had to take them to work today so I wouldn't eat them all. They're all gone now!